Market America Worldwide’s ICON 2023: Honoring JR Ridinger’s Legacy of Inspiring Others to Maximize Their Time Between The Dash.

Tuesday, September 5, 2023 at 2:00pm UTC

Greensboro, North Carolina – On Aug. 23, Market America Worldwide Co-Founder & CEO, Loren Ridinger unveiled the JR Ridinger Museum at the company’s global headquarters in Greensboro, North Carolina. This event marked the beginning of a heartfelt tribute that started with the museum’s unveiling and continued throughout ICON 2023, honoring the enduring vision and legacy of Market America Worldwide’s Founder, JR Ridinger. The museum stands as a testament to JR’s ingenious way of connecting with people. Inside, visitors can see the unique items JR used on stage to illustrate his many iconic teachings. Only a visionary like JR could turn props such as a life-sized hamster wheel, a tightrope, a bean jar, and the tombstone of “Joe Nobody” into life lessons. Monitors throughout the museum replay the riveting moments when JR used these props on stage, representing different facets of life and igniting hope and ambition in many.

JR always believed and would often express that the most valuable and precious commodity in the world is time. On every tombstone, there is a birth date and a death date. Between them lies the dash. While we may not have much control over the dates on our tombstones, we do have control over what happens between those dates. JR used the dash to represent our life and legacy — and urged us all to live our dash to the fullest. JR encouraged people to make the most of the time between the dash by sharing his creation, the UnFranchise®Business. “Every item in this museum tells a story, a lesson my husband passionately conveyed to empower countless individuals. It’s a visual representation of JR’s undying belief that everyone has the potential to rewrite their narrative, to step out of their comfort zone and to dream bigger,” said Loren.

The next morning, ICON 2023 officially began with a tribute to JR. Not long after, Marc Ashley, President and COO of Market America Worldwide, took the stage and announced the company’s plans to step into the gig economy by introducing VIFT, a forward-thinking digital wallet designed to reward online shoppers on SHOP.COM and all Market America Worldwide e-commerce platforms. By utilizing the VIFT Digital Wallet, customers earn cash rewards with every purchase made, while UnFranchise®Owners earn retail profits — all earnings are deposited directly into their VIFT wallets. This cash can then be saved, transferred or spent, all with a single touch. VIFT also empowers SHOP.COM customers by providing instant access to their earnings through their preferred payment method and offers a bonus 1% cash reward on any full purchase made using the wallet. With VIFT, shopping becomes an earning experience, and payment delays are a thing of the past.

Among the many new products from Motives®, Fixx and Layered that were announced at ICON 2023, Market America also introduced Bliss®CBD Gummies + Ashwagandha. Infused with adaptogenic botanicals, these gummies are designed to promote relaxation, balance and overall well-being, offering a natural respite from the demands of contemporary life.* Only available to U.S. customers, Bliss CBD Gummies + Ashwagandha are vegan and gluten-free.

A standout and profoundly personal moment at ICON 2023 occurred when Market America Worldwide Vice President, Amber Ridinger McLaughlin took the stage. She shared how her father’s passion and foresight shaped a business that would stand the test of time, a legacy she’s committed to upholding and passing down to her children, JR’s grandchildren. “My dad always got the best out of people,” said Amber. “He was a motivator, an educator and always there to guide me in life and business. He was one of one.” As Amber poured out her heart, other families joined her on stage, each one a testament to the legacies they are able to pass down to their children and children’s children, all because they embraced JR’s vision and became UnFranchise Owners.

 As ICON 2023 came to a close, Loren, accompanied at times by key members of the leadership team and her grandchildren, recreated some of JR’s most iconic moments on stage – each moment offering a unique business lesson for which JR is known. From riding the life-sized hamster wheel to pretending to operate on someone’s brain whose mind was filled with negativity and doubt, perhaps the most meaningful of JR’s iconic moments recreated was when Loren and JR’s three grandchildren, Ayden, Ayva and Aydrien, walked on stage. Each with their own toy sledgehammer and protective glasses, stood over an alarm clock and proceeded to smash it to bits, symbolizing the time freedom that is possible as an UnFranchise Owner. Without question, JR always poured his heart and soul into his closing addresses for every UnFranchise Owner in attendance. On Saturday afternoon, Loren did the same. Loren’s closing words resonated deeply with all in attendance: “Life is made of dreams pursued, boundaries broken and legacies crafted. As you head back home, think about your choices, your journey. And ponder this – how do you intend to live between your dash?”

As always, the final moments and final words of ICON 2023 came from JR Ridinger via an audio recording, as a spotlight shone on the tombstone of ‘Joe Nobody’ on stage.

“The years are going by and I’m afraid of running out of time. I’m not 30 anymore,” said JR. “I want to have one more magic moment! Everybody dies but not everybody lives. We need to live. We’re here now. The dash is still there. You better make it count. What are you going to do with the dash?”

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