In Relaunch of “Share This Love,” Corey Lautamus Sheds New Light on Jesus' Words in the Garden of Gethsemane and the Cross

Friday, June 24, 2022 at 4:46am UTC

When we consider Jesus' suffering throughout the Passion, what do we see? Do we observe Messiah in distress? Or God who bears unimaginable suffering for the sake of love? In his book “Share This Love,” Corey Lautamus takes a different approach: God is thinking about you more than you realize.
“It is a beautiful thing to be aware of God's love—to be aware of not only the love that was directed toward us by God through Jesus Christ but how focused, planned, and determined Jesus was in this plan and how God was with Jesus through the Passion. Not only was God with Jesus, but Jesus was God. The belief that Jesus was very God and very human is central to this book and focus will be put on the deity of Christ and humanity.” – Corey writes.
The book dissects the significance of Jesus' statements in Gethsemane and on the cross to provide a fresh perspective. People have various opinions on what Jesus said, but scripture tells us what he said. Corey infused scriptures that back his narrative. Reading the book will strengthen your confidence in Christ and your understanding of him as a God and a man.
The book provides a unique view of Jesus' character since Corey reveals a side of His personality rarely explored in these publications. He portrays Jesus in a fresh light, allowing us to comprehend his humanity and divinity.
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“Share this Love: God is Thinking About You More Than You Think”
Author: Corey Lautamus
Publisher: Your Online Publicist
Published Date: April 2022
Book Genre: Christian Books & Bibles › Christian Living
About the Author:
Corey has the gift of exegesis, that is, to follow the Scripture and give it meaning. He has a passion to help people understand the Bible. He has a B.A. in Christian studies and has taken some Masters level courses in Old Testament.

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