Breaking Silence Wins the 2023 #MyJustice Film Award

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Monday, November 20, 2023 at 9:31pm UTC

Breaking Silence Wins the 2023 #MyJustice Film Award

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NEW YORK, Nov. 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Odyssey Impact with generous support from Paramount and its initiative Content for Change Academy, partnered with DOC NYC Film Festival for the the second annual #MyJustice Film Award. The award was created to recognize a film with a special social justice theme and a strong call to action. 

The $10,000 cash prize, and Odyssey Impact-led, six-month, National Social Impact Campaign was won by the documentary short film BREAKING SILENCE, amplifying themes of prison reform, disability, healing trauma and families.

"For a female-directed, short documentary giving viewers, by way of a healed relationship between a deaf father and hearing daughter, a unique insight into the incarcerated deaf community and an inspiring father's quest to help others and reunite his family. The film reverberates with kindness and compassion that drive towards advocacy for the communication challenges faced by prisoners with hearing disabilities, gives hopeful opportunities for prison reform and healing for families and people carrying unresolved trauma. Breaking Silence's urgent and uplifting delivery earned it top prize this year for a stand out social justice film with a clear call to action to inspire change.

Logline: Breaking Silence explores the relationship between a deaf father and his hearing daughter, reflecting on how imprisonment has shaped their relationship and their advocacy.

"DOC NYC is delighted to partner with Odyssey Impact again to present the #MyJustice Film Award to a short film playing at our festival. DOC NYC's aim is to connect films to audiences, and this award's cash prize and six-month National Impact campaign will really go the extra mile to making that happen."
-Raphaela Neihausen, Executive Director of DOC NYC

Odyssey Impact® is made up of passionate professionals who stand for social change. They curate and share brave, insightful films, and implement national social impact campaigns around important stories. Odyssey creates opportunities for healing conversations that build awareness, change attitudes and catalyze actions for social change.


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